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Social Media Services

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Social Media Services

Paid Media Strategy & Planning

With extensive experience across all major industries, GraffitiSEO has the chops to develop and implement strategies for newcomers to the space or for mature and complex accounts that are underperforming. Anvil’s strategy and planning process covers all facets of paid media, including, but not limited to:

  • Keyword research

  • Competitive analysis

  • Campaign structure optimization

  • Behavioral targeting

  • Display and remarketing

  • Ad creative

  • Landing page recommendations

  • ROI analysis & budget forecasting

Paid Media Management

GraffitiSEO provides proactive, expert campaign management razor-focused on meeting campaign goals. Well versed in landing page testing and advanced bid management strategies for high volume accounts, GraffitiSEO differentiates itself by our ability to consistently move the needle such that the value of paid search is never in question.

GraffitiSEO’s paid media management tactics include, but are not limited to:

  • Advanced bid strategies

  • Creation of ad copy

  • Continuous A/B testing

  • Audience segmentation

  • Negative keyword management

  • New campaign/product launches

  • Daily, manual, budget management

  • Conversion and ROI analysis

An important distinct from other agencies is that GraffitiSEO does not use automatic bidding or optimization software to manage our clients’ accounts. Our team accesses accounts daily in order to find optimization opportunities and adjust budgets.

Paid Media Reporting & Analysis

A key benefit to paid media advertising, beyond control, is measurability. With our reporting and analysis offerings, GraffitiSEO hones in on critical KPIs and situates data within the context of historical performance. Our differentiator is not the data provided, but the analysis that translates the data into actionable insights for optimally effective campaign management. Clients are provided with comprehensive measurements of performance and ROI, with both tied to the company’s initiatives and goals.

Paid Media Audits and Plans

Check out the unique Paid Media services GraffitiSEO provides below as well as products that encompass all of GraffitiSEO’s areas of digital marketing teams.

GraffitiSEO Marketing Index Scorecard™ (GMI Scorecard™) The GraffitiSEO Marketing Index™ Scorecard measures and scores 100 different critical marketing criteria, grouped in five important topical areas: Brand Impact, Website Performance, Search, Paid Media and Social Media.

GraffitiSEO Marketing Index Snapshot™ (GMI Snapshot™) The Snapshot measures and scores 25 different critical marketing measurement elements (a subset of the Scorecard elements) grouped in the same five important topical areas: Brand Impact, Website Performance, Search, Paid Media and Social Media.

Conversion Rate Optimization Audit and PlanThe Conversion Rate Optimization Audit and Plan takes an in-depth look at the usability of our client’s website as well as the user engagement metrics of our client’s website to develop a plan that will increase the flow of visitors to the point of conversion and ultimately, help increase the overall number of conversions.

Competitive Intelligence AuditThe Competitive Intelligence Audit is a comprehensive audit the helps you understand your competition and identifies opportunities for you to differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

Amazon Shopping Audit & PlanThe Amazon Shopping Audit & Plan evaluates the position of your products within the Amazon platform and helps formulate a strategy, based upon key findings, that allows you to stand apart from your competition.

Paid Media Plan (PMP) Identify, research, and analyze competitors with the same target audience and keywords. Taking this data, we create a competitive advertising strategy for your company that encompasses all relevant advertising platforms. These plans are 100% custom and designed to reach your business goals.

Landing Page Audit Assess website and any existing landing pages against industry best practices for optimal conversion rates. Optimized landing pages lead to increased engagement rates and lower cost-per-acquisitions.

Ongoing Paid Media Services

GraffitiSEO Marketing Program™ (GMP™) The GraffitiSEO Marketing Plan™ or GMP™ utilizes Organic Search, Paid Media, and Social Media to amplify unique, share-worthy content focused on increasing brand awareness and creating deeper engagement as well as increasing conversions and higher brand loyalty.

Customized Ongoing Paid Media Management: Need something that is uniquely customized to your Paid Media needs? GraffitiSEO will work with you to assess your needs and identify areas where we can fill the gaps and complement your existing efforts.

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