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Search engine optimization is an ongoing activity, where GraffitiSEO constantly monitors site performance, traffic, and conversions. GraffitiSEO ensures site optimization recommendations are properly implemented and continually refines every SEO strategy as it moves forward.

Typical SEO activities during an ongoing engagement include, but are not limited to:

  • Identification of new keyword trends

  • Metadata development (search engine title tags, search engine description, etc.)

  • Monitoring of site speed, broken links and redirect errors

  • Content marketing activities

  • Link acquisition

  • Citation building and local feed optimization (local SEO)

SEO Audits and Plans

Check out the different unique SEO services GraffitiSEO provides below as well as products that encompass all of GraffitiSEO’s areas of digital marketing teams.

GraffitiSEO Marketing Index Scorecard™ (GMI Scorecard™)

The GraffitiSEO Marketing Index™ Scorecard measures and scores 100 different critical marketing criteria, grouped in five important topical areas: Brand Impact, Website Performance, Search, Paid Media and Social Media.

GraffitiSEO Marketing Index Snapshot™ (GMI Snapshot™)

The Snapshot measures and scores 25 different critical marketing measurement elements (a subset of the Scorecard elements) grouped in the same five important topical areas: Brand Impact, Website Performance, Search, Paid Media and Social Media.

Conversion Rate Optimization Audit and Plan

The Conversion Rate Optimization Audit and Plan takes an in-depth look at the usability of our client’s website as well as the user engagement metrics of our client’s website to develop a plan that will increase the flow of visitors to the point of conversion and ultimately, help increase the overall number of conversions.

Keyword Audit and Plan (KWAAP)

Identify and map all relevant key terms that support organic, paid search and social media efforts to ensure optimal efficiency when targeting qualified prospects and customers. The Plan will be used by GraffitiSEO to inform the Site Optimization, Search Authority, Paid Media and Landing Page Audits and Plans.

Local SEO Audit and Plan (LSAAP)

Provide a comprehensive plan of action that aligns with and supports a website’s complete local presence, including local business and directory listings, on-site optimization and current local content.

Search Authority Audit and Plan (SAAP)

Provide a comprehensive audit of a website’s off-site search engine ranking factors, including inbound link profile, citations, social media footprint and methods of content development and syndication.

Site Optimization Audit and Plan (SOAP)

Identify specific gaps or areas of weakness within a website’s technical structure that prevent it from maximizing search efficiency.  This document focused on key on-site optimization factors relating to content, code and credibility.

Voice Search Optimization Strategy (VSOS)

Identifies long-tail keyword phrases and questions that support brand goals and messaging which are used to develop a content strategy focused on implementing properly structured content that answers the questions a potential website visitor may have.

Web Analytics Audit and Plan (WAAP)

Assesses the current status of a website’s web analytics and offers specific instructions and recommendations around how to maximize insight, KPIs, and other meaningful points of information that relate to monthly conversions and transactions.

Ongoing SEO

GraffitiSEO Marketing Program™ (GMP™)

The GraffitiSEO Marketing Plan™ or GMP™ utilizes Organic Search, Paid Media and Social Media to amplify unique, share-worthy content focused on increasing brand awareness and creating deeper engagement as well as increasing conversions and higher brand loyalty.

Customized Ongoing SEO Engagement:

Need something that is uniquely customized to your organic SEO needs? GraffitiSEO will work with you to assess your needs and identify areas where we can fill the gaps and complement your existing organic SEO efforts.

Contact us if you have questions about SEO or want to see how GraffitiSEO can upgrade your organic web presence.

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