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About GraffitiSEO


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GraffitiSEO was founded in 2014 by (Otis Shonai). The new normal brought by the Covid-19 pandemic created  an opportune moment to catapult GraffitiSEO in the first quarter of 2020.  As one of the few search engine marketing agencies in  Zimbabwe, and global partner to an award-winning SEO company in the United States, GraffitiSEO prides itself on its ability to delight customers and consistently generate measurable results. While GraffitiSEO specializes in analytics, search engine optimization (SEO), paid media and organic social media strategy services, we provide a full-service approach to integrated marketing and business printing services.

Our measurable marketing service offering is built on a client-first philosophy. We’ve built a team of talented marketers, all trained and certified in the dark arts of digital marketing, and are aligned to The GraffitiSEO credo. Not only are we a growth-minded team, we are a teaching organization who is deeply invested in the local community. Our executive team has many decades of collective marketing and management experience, which has lead to a healthy and productive company culture.  If you’re looking to take the next step in your marketing career, consider joining the GraffitiSEO team. In the meantime, feel free to visit our News & Events section to check out industry events, GraffitiSEO’s latest news and press coverage.

GraffitiSEO Mission, Vision, Values, and Purpose

Our purpose, vision, mission, and core values are guiding principles that we live by every day. If they resonate with you, talk to us.


 Creating meaningful impact for our clients, community and ourselves through creative problem-solving, making and leveraging connections and education.


To earn a reputation as the most innovative, creative and effective digital marketing consultancy in the country.


Amplifying You. At GraffitiSEO, we’ve curated a team of passionate, growth-minded digital marketing experts. As a result, GraffitiSEO is obsessed with delighting our clients and elevating results. On a daily basis, we’re improving our processes, tools and insights to amplify our results, relationships and careers at GraffitiSEO. Engaging the GraffitiSEO team will elevate your company’s revenue and your personal success.

Core Values


  • Commitment: We’ve found our clients value commitment above all else. We at GraffitiSEO feel the same way about our team and our clients. We’ve created a culture that values employees first and foremost. This drives employees to build genuine relationships that are focused primarily on client success, which, in turn, fuels GraffitiSEO’s future growth.

  • Passion: GraffitiSEO brings passion to every facet of our work. We live for digital marketing, data, and generating results. Most importantly, we have a passion for delighting our clients. This translates into responsive customer service, deep industry insights, and/or becoming a customer of our clients.

  • Growth-Mindedness: At GraffitiSEO, our team has an unprecedented thirst for learning. We never stop learning, so we never stop growing and evolving. Our growth-minded nature allows us to continually improve our ability to delight and elevate clients.

Accountability is core to GraffitiSEO’s Credo. As such, GraffitiSEO looks to outside subject matter experts for guidance, validation, and insights. 

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